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Connecting Journalists

Learn. Chat. Create. Network.

Jyrno allows journalists from around the world to connect and share ideas! Join our hub today and start networking!

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We Are News Junkies

News Nerds Unite! Jyrno Is Created!

We are a full service promotion machine! We help young journalists find their voice and their jobs!

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We Promote You

We want you to succeed!

Our network has helped thousands of journalism students publish, network and graduate! See how we can help you!

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The Perfect Showcase.

Global Newsroom Chat, Reporter Rankings, Publication Rewards..and much more!

Work can be fun! Join us and see all of the cool features a Jyrno membership can offer you! It's Free!

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What the world is saying

  • " They must know something that other sites don't. They've got a flock of young-yet-savvy writers who give the site a comfy equilibrium of both serious political commentary and relaxing entertainment humor. Why even bother writing for your college newspaper when sites like this exist?"

    Mike Hess-Web Editor/Producer/Fox News Channel (

  • " JYRNO connects students and newsrooms together, instantly! Amazing! Where were you guys when I was in journalism school?"

    DMC, Former CBS National News Producer (NYC)

  • " I Love me some JYRNO! I use it everyday in my journalism classes!"

    CH, Orlando, Fl.